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Revolving Stool Three Legged INR   0 INR  0

Revolving Stool Three Legged

These revolving stool are with four legged steel tubular frame work. Stainless steel revolving top. Our bedside revolving stool are with screw based height adjustment from 450 mm to 680 mm. These revolving stool are ring fitted with legs for foot rest. Legs fitted with rubber shoes. Pre treated and epoxy powder coated.



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Instrument Trolley INR   10500 INR  9750

Instrument Trolley

Frame work stainless steel tubes mounted on four 50mm dia swiveling castors. Two stainless steel shelves with three side railings on top shelf only. Pre treated and epoxy powder coated. Note:- Supplied in knock down condition.

INR 9750 INR 10500


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