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Hospital Bed for Children, also known as The Pediatric Bed is being manufactured and supplied by A.M.Technologies at affordable industry rates. The dimensions of the bed are adapted to the ergonomics of a child’s body. The bed has drop-down side railings to prevent rolling and falling off it. It also has the provision of mosquito net poles. A mattress of size 1400 mm (L) x 760 mm (W) is suitable for the bed.
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Fowler Position WardCare Bed manufactured and exported by A.M Technologies is made of a steel tubular frame work mounted on 100 mm diameter swiveling castors. It has a four section top made of CRCA sheet. The ward care bed has provisions for four I.V rods and a provision for a urine bag holder. All our products are quality checked before delivering to the clients.
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Obstetric Labor Table, also known as Delivery Table is manufactured and exported by A.M. Technologies in bulk quantities. The Labor Table has a three section top with the backrest adjustable on the ratchet. It has the provision of a stainless steel bowl and an adjustable stainless steel telescopic saline rod. It can be hydraulically height adjustable by foot paddle from side.
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Buy Invalid Wheelchairs at low price from A.M Technologies. We are wholesale supplier and exporter of Invalid Wheelchairs used by disabled people. It has hand-operated brakes that allow you to stop and perform your tasks at the desired place. The Invalid Wheelchair allows you to move around independently and gives you a perfect balance while you are on a move.
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Folding Wheelchairs manufactured and supplied by A.M Technologies are the most adequate. These are used in hospitals for the mobility of patients or at homes when walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. The Folding Wheelchair offered by us has the facility of hand operated brakes, a washable seat, and an aluminum footrest. The approximate size of the wheelchair is 690 mm(L) x 1100mm (W) x 940 mm (H).